Owner's Photos

As an aspiring photographer, my hobby is well inspired here in Montana. There are endless opportunities to capture the beauty and majesty that surrounds us at Mystic Mountain. I would like to share a few of my favorite shots for your viewing pleasure.

Eagles are one of the favorite landmark features here at Mystic Mountain. With an Osprey eagle nest perched high above a tree top on the property, they are in constant residence. Watching them dive in the lake for their evening meals, doing fly-bys over head, and feeding their young ones in their nest each year has been a source of pure enjoyment for our guests. So much so that our theme song, appropriately titled "Mystic Mountain," recorded by our dear friend Karl Anthony, speaks about the eagles here on site.

Barns all through out Montana are irresistibly intriguing and near impossible for me to not photograph.  Here are just a few see in Bigfork.

All photos shown here taken by property owner, Kalli Holmes Sorensen.